Living Decay

by Burn Your World

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Full length album from Salt Lake City's BURN YOUR WORLD. Punishing, bleak, and eternally pissed. Crusty Blackened Sludge melded with Metallic Hardcore with traces of Death Metal for good measure.

FFO: Ringworm. Napalm Death. Himsa. Crowbar. Darkthrone. The Banner. Eyehategod. Dissection. Strapping Young Lad. Disfear. Integrity. Suffocation. Terrorizer. Skitsystem. Wolfbrigade. Emperor.

2014 - Black Flame Records #03


released July 15, 2014

Evan - Drums
Ross - Bass/Noise
Kyle - Guitar
Rich - Vocals/ All Lyrics

Artwork by Brandon Geurts -



all rights reserved


Burn Your World Salt Lake City, Utah

Punishing, bleak, hateful. Blackened Deathcrust from Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Track Name: Circle Of Wolves
It seems seeing is believing
Now you know what I’ve been feeling
No love of life, no fear of death
Choking out the final breath
So many years of wasted time
Now you know, what’s on my mind(/)
Looking bleak, no end in sight
Day after day, night after night(/)
Feel the anger, look in my eyes
Now you know just what it’s like(/)
All the struggles that I’ve faced
The sum of fears, regrets and hate(/)

A circle of wolves - Drag us down
A circle of wolves - No way out
A circle of wolves - To see us go
A circle of wolves - The end of hope

Burning bridges, chasing shadows
Fear of darkness, I can’t allow this(/)
Barbs and daggers cut right through
They won’t rest until they get you(/)
Serpent tongues and plastic smiles
Bare their teeth and stare for miles(/)
Feel the rage, look in my eyes
Now you’ll see, this ends tonight(/)

A circle of wolves - Drag us down
A circle of wolves - No way out
A circle of wolves - To see us go
A circle of wolves - The end of hope

Down and out from the beating
Broken, wounded, feeling the sting
The paths we choose, win or lose
Never look back, nothing to prove
Always fighting, always trying
Forging ahead, will undying
Won’t be prey to the predators
Every survival makes us stronger

Cirlce Of Wolves.
Track Name: In Effigy
I am the enemy
I am to blame
You are the innocent
You are the victim

Feed me your hate
Burn me alive
Watch it consume
Leave me to die

You are the liar
You carry the shame
I am the scapegoat
I am the fucking enemy

Feed me your hate
Burn me alive
Watch it consume
Leave me to die

Blame me, for all of you problems
Roumors, spread like infection
Fuck you, you useless cunt
Buried , in the lies that you’ve laid
Hatread, misplaced agression
Guilty, you consience plagues
Fake, you eyes tell the story
Fraud, you will be revealed

I am the enemy
You are to blame
You fuel the fire
I am still alive
Track Name: No Saints
The apathy is killing me
Shades of gray are all I see
Thoughts of emptiness, inflicting harm
Carving them out onto my arms
Tales told in flesh and inked in blood
Nothing stops the pain, nothing ever could
I can’t pray to god, ‘cause I don’t believe
Trapped in my hell, there’s no way for me
Tired of pain and empty feelings
Alone, abandoned and left bleeding

There are no saints here
Only the fallen
There are not saints here
Only the forgotten

We are what’s left when the light dies
We are what’s created when love lies
We are the remains of the life left behind
We are the result of the world you’ve denied

There are no saints here
Never been
Never were
Track Name: A Cold Day
I know that things are looking grim
Pressure's building, you're caving in
I don't want to see it end this way
Just one more chance, just one more day
Turn your back and walk away
Hang your head and hide your face
If thats the way it's going to be
There is nothing left between you and me

I should've known all along
Broken words and broken bonds

If you're not
If you're not
If you're not
You never were
Track Name: False Sense Of Security
Tell me why I don’t care
Show me why I’m left here
Make me belive the lie
Tell me why I should care
I will ruin your life
Like you fucked up mine
Tell me why I should care
I’ll tell you why I don’t care
I will show you why you’re nothing to me

Blurring the lines between hatred and heart
Twisting the world, make dying an art
Hollowed out eyes and a razorblade smile
Destroying the existance of all you revile
Hellbound and broken to the very last breath
Fingers like needles that hunger for flesh
Whispering words that torture and harm
Eyes set to kill, you’re sickness incarnate
Love is hatred, love is blind
You are the witness and I am the crime
Losing all hope and biding my time
Daggers in your heart, poison in your wine

Bones are breaking
Body’s shaking
Darkness waiting
No escaping

Breaking the boundries of living and loss
Give into the taking, no matter the cost
Killing the light that shined behind eyes
Cut at the throat to silence the cries
Soulless and sorrow; by these names you are known
I’ve blacked out the the sun and you’re buried alone
Nightfall is crashing and the daylight caves in
The end of this world is about to begin
Track Name: Becoming Death
That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

Help me, I’m in hell
Drowning in my mind
Barbs and hooks dig in
Ripping flesh from bone

Torn – from your grace I fall
Down into desperate straits
To live in this world of pain
Turn – away from the light
Become one with death
In seasons the size of days
Burn – and ashes you shall reap
The flesh and blood of time
To die in this world of shit

Now you feel the pain
Worthless waste of life
Calling from beyond
Embrace the fucking end


Some things are not worth saving.
I am not worth saving.
I am nothing.
I am becoming.
Track Name: Fear Tomorrow
Fear of pain and pride.
Disconnect. Accept and grow cold.
Heavy. The head that wears the crown.
Commiserate and hell comes home.

Feel the horror of feeling hopeless
And its coming down
Alone in light, alone in darkness
You will die alone

Dread. The spectre of regrets.
Face the rise and fall.
Cursed. You’ll never be enough.
Submit. No longer holding on.

Feel the horror of feeling hopeless
And its coming down
Alone in life, alone forever
You will die alone

My thoughts are turning black
From trying not to sleep
My hands are getting numb
From this freezing fucking cold
My mouth is full of blood
From trying to hold my tongue
I’ve been awake for days
I wish I was fucking dead

This life’s malignant
Nothing can save it
I’ve put myself here
I’m ready to end it

[Repeat first verse]
Track Name: Crestfallen
I’m afraid to leave, but afraid to say
I’ve let myself get in the way
I don’t know to work this out
Throw it away without a sound
Second thoughts and self abuse
The only thing to stop it is you
Burn the bridge on which I stand
To kill the fear of it falling down

Isolate and disassociate
Misery is my only friend
Can’t sleep, I can’t think
Self destruction is all I know
After all is said
Leave it all behind
Put a bullet in my head
We’re running out of time

I’ll take from today and yesterday
No happy ending to the play
Funeral pyres light the way
To mourn the loss of better days
End on fucking end
I’ll stop where I began
I need the pain to be alive
I know I’m dead inside

Isolate and disassociate
Misery is my only friend
Can’t sleep, I can’t think
Self destruction is all I know
After all is said
Leave it all behind
Put a bullet in my head
We’re running out of time

Give up, give in
Calling it quits
Caught in the current
Alone in the night
The reason you fail
The reason you'll die

This Is The End.
Track Name: Fall
I hate everything
You are the reason
I am so sick of it
This is the last time
You try and hold me down
I will keep pressing
This is what I want
Take back my life

Find fault in everything
Albatross around my neck
Being crushed beneath the weight
Dragging down to the depths
I will rise above
You’ll be left behind
I can see right through
I’ll crush you

I’ve Endured long enough
I’ve lived through it all
You’ll never see me hurt
You’ll never watch me fall
Track Name: Tourniquet
I cant stop shaking
I feel like I’m dying
All my words
Come out as choking
Feel the lights
Fade into blackness
I collapse under the weight of it

You’d haunt my dreams
If I could sleep
I hold on
To the memory
There’s nothing but snow
We’re frozen in time
The still of the night
Echos in my mind

Those bedroom eyes
and sistine smile
stop my heart
and blind my eyes…
to wide open wounds
im left with thinking of you
remember those words
know they hold true…

There’s no time
I wouldn’t spend…
Fighting and dying
Its not the end
So many moments
And things left unsaid…

I wake every night
To thoughts of you…
Grasping at straws
My mind is a tomb
Where are you now?
The thought that consumes

Those bedroom eyes
and sistine smile
will light my way
through the abyss

I live for the touch
That no longer remains
There’s nothing but us
We’re frozen in time
The feel of that night
Burned in my mind

In failure and fracture
I breaking down
Cut the strings
That once held me up
Lost at sea
Sinking and drowning
Just one word
Left buried while breathing
All my life
I’ve waited for you
Time spent in
Black isolation
One hundred years
Of pain without solice
One hundred years more
I’ll be waiting for you

I cant stop the blood from flowing
I cant stop my heart from beating
I wish I could just numb the feeling
there wont be a time when I don’t
think of you

When you speak I’m weak
Only you could ever stop the blood
From all these fucking wounds.

Track Name: The Noose
There is no honor among thieves.
Might as well be drinking bleach.
Cut the noose that hangs your life.
Swallow the shards of glass and smile.
Kill your dreams and bury your hope.
Hang your head and wait for death.
Where the fuck do we go from here?
What do you do when there’s nothing left?

Nothing gets better, it only get’s worse from here.
Lie to yourself, but you know the face you fear.
Walk away, I hope this haunts you for all your years.
Loathing and disgrace, spit at the face in the mirror.

You’ll be forgotten and left for dead.
Unmarked graves and fucking bitter ends.
Cut the noose that hangs your life.
Choke on hate. Spit the blood and smile.
Consumed by the silence; it’s fucking deafening.
Your agony, the crown upon your throne
No more thoughts and no more threats
Where we are, there is no longer any light.
No longer any love.
No longer any hope.
No longer any time.
No longer any life.

Cut all your ties, leave it behind
The moments fleeting, keep repeating

I hate you more every day.
Today I hate you like it’s tomorrow
Track Name: Crawl
Spending life in pursuit of fleeting feelings. Medication clouds the void of existence. You live for the thrill of the rush that you get when the line starts to blur but the feeling gets worse. Disgusted with living and losing the time that you have on things you’ve got when you know they won't last. Smash the glass with the fist full of rage and of hate for the life that you had and want to get back. Nothing can cure the hurt that you feel every second of the life that you live in the cold as it swallows you whole. Curse every day that you wake and with each breath you take you know it only gets worse.


Embracing the pain that flows from the veins on your arms and your neck where you claw and you scratch and the blood starts to run and it burns and it hurts. You push and you strain and you fight til you die, but it wont make a fucking bit of difference when its all said and done. The crows will feast on the remains of the days of the life left behind in the shadow of the world that you’ve built all around from the ground where you’re laid to rest.


Push, fight, claw, die.
This is not me.
I’m at home home in
the filth of this life

[Repeat second verse]
Track Name: The Owls Are Not What They Seem
Sit silent and revel in the waste.
Two steps forward and three steps back.
Left alone in numbing cold.
A heart frozen solid awaiting the spring
Accept all blame, reject all help
A pretense so fucking unbecoming
Black hole of a heart; nothing escapes
Conditioned to cut off all feeling

Don’t be kind. Isolate; Hands that are extended get bit.

Can’t see the world through eyes held tight
Swinging you fists at anyone that dares
Set fire to the house and watch it burn
Looking at it from the inside out
It’s all your fault, the damage is done
No use in trying to save it
Black hole of a heart; nothing escapes
Conditioned to cut off all feeling

They’re dragging the lake
Dig up the bones
Fill in the graves
Burn the remains
Destroy the evedence
Of where you have run
To hide from yourself
And remain alone

Live darkness and wait for the cure
Two steps forward, three steps back
Killing yourself with memories
Wait for the final overdose

Don’t be kind. Isolate; Hands that are extended get bit.